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Everyday transaction fees: There is nothing more annoying than being charged to access your own money in everyday situations. Switching accounts may save you hundreds. See here for CHOICE’s latest review on low fee accounts.

Penalty fees: Make no mistake, the banks have made billions on charging customers penalty fees, such as those applied to loans, credit cards and mortgages. Have you paid penalty fees lately? We want to know why and how much. Learn more about penalty fees with this recent CHOICE study, and find out how you can claim back those fees here.

Bank accounts: This year's Bank Satisfaction Survey shows the big four banks have not lifted their game since our 2010 report. Read our 2011 Bank satisfaction survey.

Tricks and traps: Even when you read the fine print, it’s easy to get caught in the tricks and traps of the banking. Take balance transfer credit cards, for example. Revert rates, structured repayment and poor value products are often hidden under the guise of a good deal, as shown in a recent CHOICE report.

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