New consumer law

CHOICE campaign on consumer law has helped make significant changes implemented in the new consumer law.

1 Feb 2011 | New laws coming into effect give Australians the same consumer rights regardless of which state they live in.


Retailers: Raise your game

6 Jan 2011 | CHOICE believes online shopping is motivated by more than just a GST dodge. The big retailers have spoken, now it's time for you to have your say.

Warranties campaign

Warranty rights and wrongs

Use our tools to insist on your rights when products don’t work as they should. And help us pressure retailers to sign our Fair Warranty Charter.

3 Dec 2009 | You have a legal right to ask your retailer to repair or replace faulty goods – or give you a refund.

Person signing contract

Unfair contracts

Proposed legislation will give consumers uniform protection from unfair contracts.

18 Feb 2009 | Currently most consumer contracts in Australia include non-negotiable terms and conditions. Sometimes these include unfair terms.

A gavel

Consumer protection enforcement

Consumer protection laws are not being enforced as well as they could be.

10 Dec 2008 | Consumer protection laws exist to ensure markets operate fairly. Good quality regulation is essential to the fair and practical operation of markets.

DVD player with warranties under it.

Extended warranties

Consumers are being pressured into purchasing extended warranties.

25 Nov 2008 | When purchasing big-ticket items it's common to be offered an extended warranty. This may seem like a good option, but many consumers are not adequately informed of what the warranty actually covers.

Alarm clock

Consumer policy: helping consumers

It's time to modernise Australia's consumer policy framework.

20 May 2008 | Do Australia’s consumer policy settings meet consumers’ needs in the 21st century?

Business person image

Component pricing

New legislation means sellers must quote a single price for products.

22 Apr 2008 | It’s annoying to be quoted the price for something only to find there are extra taxes not included in the quote, or additional charges you hadn’t expected.

Child with bike and bike helmet

Product safety

CHOICE has released a research report calling for a national product safety system

18 Feb 2008 | CHOICE believes the inclusion of a General Safety Provision (GSP) is essential to Australia's product safety regime.


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