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  • Updated:9 Mar 2007

04.DVD zoning - what you're saying

We've received plenty of emails from consumers telling us about their experiences with DVD Zoning.

  • “I just wanted to express my support for the CHOICE position on this issue. It seems to be another example of where the system operates to benefit manufacturers and not consumers.”
    Name not supplied, NSW
  • “I hope the DVD buying public to make their voice known to the federal government so as to make a more competitive market place. I thought that signing the agreement with America for all sorts of trade would have allowed more competition in this marketplace for us. Appears not.”
    Gavin, location not disclosed
  • “I have heard of people returning rented DVD’s to the shop in exchange for a VHS version because the DVD would not work. Sounds like a technical issue still needs to be addressed with this digital medium. To my fellow video watchers I say don't sell that VCR!”
    Marcus, TAS
  • “This makes it impossible to send my partner’s family and friends legally-bought Region 4 discs of, say, Kath and Kim or any of the great drama mini-series Australia has produced in recent years. Thus Australia misses out on an important opportunity to make cultural exports. Multiply this by thousands of other Australians with friends and family overseas who are also unable to send DVDs from Australia.”
    Name not supplied, SA
  • “Recently I purchased a much sought after DVD from a record store. There was no marking on the DVD cover so I assumed it was either Region 4 or Region 0. However, when I attempted to play the disk, the player gave an error message. I placed the same disk into my computer. The message was that it was a Region 1 disk and I could change the region on the player from 4 but there was a limit on the number of changes that were able to be made.”
    Terence, location not disclosed
  • “Saw a DVD I wanted advertised in Hong Kong but was reticent about buying a zone 3 disc. It is not available anywhere else at the moment. In my opinion these zoning problems are an imposition.”
    Name not supplied, location not disclosed
  • “I am overjoyed to at last see someone address this ridiculous issue. I have a laptop on which I used to watch DVD's in my room (I live in a share house) and have friends who give me DVD's and was unaware of this whole region restriction thing until the last time I watched a DVD and the laptop told me "you have only one region change left". I also think the least they could do is warn you about it when you buy them in the shop as it certainly makes your DVD player laptop a lot less attractive once you figure out that after a few months you will only be allowed to watch DVD's from one region.”
    Tina, location not disclosed.
  • “I agree with Choice's arguments. I am an expatriate Australian and am regularly frustrated by the parochial, small pond ideas reflected in much of our legislation and policy. DVD Zoning is keeping Australia and in particular Australian consumers in the Dark Ages and cutting them off needlessly from the benefits of the technological age and the global economy. The government position is short sighted and benefits a limited number of lobby groups, not the public at large.”
    Name not supplied, FRANCE

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