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All of CHOICE's past campaigns and advocacy projects.

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GreenPower: keep it real

10 Mar 2009 | A flaw in the emissions trading scheme means the extra bits we do – like purchasing GreenPower or carbon offsets – will not actually reduce Australia’s emissions.   More »


Unfair bank penalty fees

23 Apr 2010 | Read your rights and some effective tools you can use to fight back. The time has come for banks to get rid of some fees and make others fairer.   More »

Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs)

Compact fluorescent lightbulbs

04 Aug 2010 | We test 15 "warm white" CFL bulbs of about 15W, including screw and bayonet fittings in a variety of shapes.  More »


Banking goes bananas

11 Dec 2009 | With a certain video hitting the news recently, we felt it might be necessary to clarify that banking is not at all like making a banana smoothie.  More »

Woman browsing supermarket shelves

A fair deal for supermarket customers

17 Nov 2009 | Consumers are telling us they’re tired of unfair prices and not having access to the choices they want.  More »


Green watch

27 Nov 2009 | From food and everyday household items to cars and plane flights, growing numbers of consumers want to make more sustainable choices. But can all 'green claims' be trusted?  More »


Green watch

27 Nov 2009 | From food and everyday household items to cars and plane flights, growing numbers of consumers want to make more sustainable choices. But can all 'green claims' be trusted?  More »


Bad chemistry campaign

11 Jan 2010 | CHOICE is campaigning to ensure effective products reach the market while protecting our health, safety and our environment.  More »

DVD player with warranties under it.

Extended warranties

25 Nov 2008 | When purchasing big-ticket items it's common to be offered an extended warranty. This may seem like a good option, but many consumers are not adequately informed of what the warranty actually covers.  More »

Child eating hamburger

Fed up with junk food marketing

15 May 2008 | Current regulation does not protect children from being bombarded with ads for junk food. We want to support parents to make healthy choices for their children.  More »

Top 10 Recent Articles


Thousands back traffic lights

09 Dec 2011 | More than 3700 signatures and CHOICE’s open letter were sent to food and health ministers from around Australia.  More »


Better Food Labelling

30 Sep 2011 | CHOICE is campaigning for industry and governments around Australia to act on the recommendations of a major, independent review of food labelling.   More »


CHOICE submission on regulation of agricultural and veterinary chemicals

27 May 2011 | CHOICE wants to see a commitment to put the precautionary principle at the heart of chemical regulation in Australia.  More »


Join our call for a national restaurant hygiene scheme

30 Mar 2011 | CHOICE would like to see a national 'scores on doors' restaurant hygiene scheme.  More »

Better banking campaign

Better Banking Campaign

06 May 2011 | Following the latest stand-off in passing on RBA interest rate cuts, it's no surprise the ‘big four’ banks are well and truly on the nose with consumers.   More »

bank frustration

Tell your bank's CEO how you feel

10 Feb 2011 | CHOICE is calling on consumers to write the CEO of their bank to get a better deal.  More »

food labelling

New food labels for consumers

28 Jan 2011 | The report is in - CHOICE explains what new food labelling laws will mean to consumers.  More »


New consumer law

01 Feb 2011 | New laws coming into effect give Australians the same consumer rights regardless of which state they live in.  More »


Submission to DAFF

27 Jan 2011 | CHOICE submission to the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF), December 2010.  More »


Retailers: Raise your game

06 Jan 2011 | CHOICE believes online shopping is motivated by more than just a GST dodge. The big retailers have spoken, now it's time for you to have your say.   More »

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