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  • Updated:4 Jun 2013

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Consumer Win!
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Consumer Win!

Time has run out for excessive credit card surcharges, with the Reserve Bank's new rules limiting surcharges coming into effect on 18 March 2013.

CHOICE has put the spotlight on the worst surcharging offenders to stop them from flouting the rules. We've set the clock ticking with a live counter marking the time it takes Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin Australia, Tiger Airways and Cabcharge to reduce their outrageous credit card fees.

More than 6700 people signed our Take Charge petition, which we have now delivered to these companies. As a result of these efforts, the Assistant Treasurer David Bradbury has intervened, flagging possible regulatory action. 

However, these retailers continue to ignore the Reserve Bank's rules, and every day they do so is another day that Australians will spend millions more than they need to simply for using their credit cards. This ticker will continue to run until these main offenders change their ways and deliver a consumer win on payment surcharges. Check back to see an end to consumers' frustration.

While the actual costs of processing credit cards vary between retailers and across different card types, the average merchant service fee for MasterCard and Visa is estimated  to be 0.86%.

No official agency will enforce the Reserve Bank's rules. Responsibility instead lies with major credit card companies to keep retailers in line.

That’s why it's up to you to demand an end to excessive surcharging by the main offenders. If you didn't sign the petition, it is not too late to join the campaign:  help end outrageous credit card surcharges by signing up as a campaign supporter


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Why are you running the Take Charge campaign?

For the past 10 years consumers have been subjected to excessive credit card surcharges by companies such as Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin Australia, Tiger Airways and Cabcharge.

In response the RBA brought in reforms beginning 18 March, designed to curb excessive surcharging.

However, these reforms only go so far. In effect, the federal payment system regulator has given MasterCard and Visa permission to stop merchants from applying surcharges. Responsibility for pulling the retailers into line will lie with the credit card companies.

Without any statutory enforcement it is up to consumers to demand these large companies follow the reforms and stop their excessive surcharging.

Who is Do Gooder?

Do Gooder is an online platform for campaigning, created by a company called Digital Eskimo, and a separate party to CHOICE. We are using Do Gooder to spread the message about Take Charge as effectively as we can.

Does this mean you support all of Do Gooder’s campaigns?

No, Take Charge is a CHOICE campaign and we are using Do Gooder’s online campaigning tools.

What happens when I sign the petition?

This petition is now closed. 

However, if you did you sign the petition, you lent your support to our campaign to end excessive surcharging. More than 6700 people signed the petition to show the big offenders such as Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin Australia, Tiger Airways and Cabcharge that there's widespread consumer demand for these practices to end.

What will happen to my personal details if I sign the petition?

You will only be contacted by Do Gooder if you chose to receive further updates from them when you signed the petition. You can also check out their privacy policy. Similarly, you will only be contacted by CHOICE if you chose to hear more from us when you signed the petition or you have already signed up as a CHOICE campaign supporter or member.

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