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05.Why are you Moving Your Money

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Judi, Adelaide

I have a home mortgage with ANZ, the first of the big 4 to raise their interest rates out of step with the Reserve Bank.  The remuneration paid to the executives of the big 4 banks is absoultely outrageous and scandleous, and this, together with raising interest rates, whilst sacking workers, is ever widening the gap between the haves and the have nots.  A bank is supposed to offer services to their customers - we are the clients - they are supposed to work for US, not their share holders! If they cannot reflect that perspective in their operations and decision making, then I for one, am  going to walk away with my money and my business, which I will give to a financial institution that sees me as the all important client, rather than considering their share holders to be the most important people to serve.

Debbi, ACT

So sick of the banks being able to do what they want. Crying poor but at the same time raking in massive profits and spending unethical amounts of money on their executives. Can't wait to find a good deal and ditch CBA!

Natasha, Merrimac

I've already switched to a Not-Big-4 bank and will certainly be encouraging ALL my friends, contacts and associates to do so. Why? Because interest rate hikes for the sake of increasing an already inflated profit is unacceptible. The working class are suffering right now and have been for almost 3 years - give them a break!!!

Fred, Bowraville

I have already closed my Visa debit card account because I am appalled by the actions of the big 4 banks.

Christy, Melbourne

A chance to hit back. I like the sound of that.

Caroline, Brunswick West

I'd been thinking of changing anyway, now I'm convinced.

Carole, Melbourne

Many people are finding economic conditions tough at the moment. It would be good if the banks could be mindful of their customers rather than on huge profits.

Shanan, Victoria

I want a better deal!

David, Barry's Reef

Just swapped and am in the process of transfering direct debits.

Margie, Brisbane

We've only ever had the one mortgage [like we been loyal] but I do not understand why the rate has not come down.  I resent the lack of reciprocation from the big banks to Australian customers [think taxpayers] who kept them safe during the GFC.  Come on NAB and ANZ - do the right thing.

Annamarie, Sydney

Talk about price fixing, the fact they raises interest rates when it suits them and not inline with reserve bank is a disgrace.

Tony, Wagga Wagga

Fed Up, & I'm a shareholder too!!!

Kameel, Mount Waverley

Big banks just don't listen!

Mark, The Slopes

To assist competition.

Julia, Fernvale

Need to save money on my outgoings.

Joseph, Peel

I'm fed up with paying fees that bear no relationship with the actual service provided.

Jane, Heidelberg Heights

I am not a homeowener yet but am hoping to be one soon. I'm a single income earner and not looking forward to being hamstung by taking on a mortgage with one of the big banks when that time comes!


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