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03.Frequently asked questions

What is the aim of the Move Your Money campaign?

CHOICE believes that the big banks are taking Australian consumers for granted. The CHOICE Move Your Money aims to change that by providing consumers with the information they need to find a better deal and switch, thereby putting pressure on the banks to compete and put consumers first.

Is this the same as international Move Your Money campaigns?

The CHOICE Move Your Money campaign is focused on helping Australian consumers get a better banking deal. However, we have seen the power of similar campaigns internationally, for example in the US, where over four million accounts have moved from major banks over 18 months, with another 12 million predicted to follow.

Who is is an online platform for social change and a separate party to CHOICE. We are using to spread the message about Move Your Money as quickly and widely as we can. You can read more about their client policy.

What will happen to my personal details if I sign CHOICE’s petition?

By signing CHOICE’s Move Your Money petition, you accept’s terms of service

CHOICE will be emailing supporters using’s platform, and will email you to find out if you wish to hear about other campaigns they host. You will be given the option to unsubscribe from any further communications and you can also delete your account at any time.

Why is CHOICE using

We are using to spread the message about Move Your Money as quickly and widely as we can. There is no financial relationship between CHOICE and

Does CHOICE receive any money by offering Compare, Ditch and Switch?

No. CHOICE does not receive any money by offering Compare, Ditch and Switch.

Is Move Your Money anything to do with the CHOICE Big Bank Switch?

No. CHOICE partnered with group switching specialists One Big Switch in the CHOICE Big Bank Switch campaign, which ran from 31 July to 14 August 2011. Over two weeks, the campaign attracted over 40,000 registrations from consumers, showing a strong appetite in the community for group switching.

CHOICE has not joined in any campaigns with One Big Switch since the Big Bank Switch ended on 14 August 2011, and is not involved in any new group switching around mortgages, energy, or any other products. However, as we found through the CHOICE Big Bank Switch, we believe that group switching has great potential to create savings for consumers in essential areas like banking products and energy. We hope to see many more businesses use the power of group switching and group buying to secure benefits for consumers. Further, if you are receiving communications from One Big Switch and wish to unsubscribe, you can contact them through their website.


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