ATM announcement falls short

The federal government responds to recommendations on ATM fees.

25 May 2012 | The announcement is a missed opportunity because the government has ignored many of the pressing issues affecting Australians using ATMs.


Qantas surcharge rip-off

CHOICE estimates Qantas collects at least $204 million in payment surcharges yearly.

18 May 2012 | We're concerned that the Qantas payment surcharge is being used to disguise the real cost of an airline ticket.


Thousands farewell big four banks

On World Consumer Rights Day, we're calling on all Australians to join the global Move Your Money campaign.

15 Mar 2012 | We're marking World Consumer Rights Day by delivering a giant farewell card to the big four banks on behalf of thousands of Australians.


Banks mine free transaction account gold

Australians are giving the Big Four a free kick.

2 Mar 2012 | Australian consumers are giving the big four banks a free kick, with an estimated $166.4 billion sitting in transaction accounts that earn little or no interest.


CHOICE Better Banking campaign 2011 milestones

The fight for efficient, flexible and responsive banking has some key wins.

22 Dec 2011 | Our campaign has galvanised overwhelming public desire for better, more flexible and responsive banking in Australia.


Move your money

To celebrate World Consumer Rights Day, move your money from accounts that simply top up the profits of banks.

14 Mar 2011 | $153 billion worth of Australian money currently sits in everday transaction accounts that earn little or no interest.

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