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Queensland scrambles free range standards
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Why are you running this campaign?

CHOICE believes that ‘free range’ should be more than a marketing tactic. Consumers who make the decision to buy free range eggs have the right to be sure that they're getting what they pay for. 

CHOICE has long campaigned for a nationally enforceable free range standard, based on independent, robust evidence and developed in consultation with animal welfare experts. 

What is the problem with Queensland’s decision?

Until now, Queensland was the national leader when it came to free range egg standards, having set a legal maximum - 1,500 birds per hectare - to which egg producers must adhere in order for their eggs to be sold under the free range label. This reflected the definition in the Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals for poultry which is national, albeit voluntary, and is expected to be reviewed over the coming months. But the Queensland government has now amended this law and increased the limit to 10,000 birds per hectare – a 667% increase on the Model Code limit - without consulting the consumers who pay a premium for free range eggs, or even publicly announcing the decision. CHOICE believes the Queensland government should have waited for the outcome of the Model Code review rather than pre-empting it by introducing a new, weaker, free range egg definition. 

What is Do Gooder?

Do Gooder is an online platform for campaigning, created by a company called Digital Eskimo, and a separate party to CHOICE. We are using Do Gooder to spread the message about our free range campaign as effectively as we can.

Does this mean you support all of Do Gooder’s campaigns?

No, this free range campaign is a CHOICE campaign - we're just using Do Gooder’s online campaigning tools.

What happens when I sign the petition?

When you sign the petition it will send an email to the Queensland Premier, Campbell Newman, and the Queensland Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, John McVeigh. 

While supporters are able to customise the email, we ask that you are respectful when emailing politicians about the campaign.

What will happen to my personal details if I sign the petition?

You will only be contacted by Do Gooder if you choose to receive further updates from them when you sign the petition. You can also check out their privacy policy. Similarly, you will only be contacted by CHOICE if you chose to hear more from us when you signed the petition or you have already signed up as a CHOICE campaign supporter or member.

Why does CHOICE care about animal welfare? 

CHOICE is a consumer rights advocacy organisation. We believe that if consumers make the decision to buy free range eggs then they have the right to know that they are getting what they pay for. 

Consumers who buy free range eggs often pay a premium price, with the expectation that the eggs they receive were farmed in a particular way. If producers are to make the claim that an egg is free range, it is only reasonable that their products meet the expectations of that claim. 


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