Confused by your energy bill?

Easy energy

CHOICE is campaigning to close a loophole that allows energy retailers to increase prices without telling consumers first.

29 Oct 2013 | CHOICE is campaigning to close a loophole that allows energy retailers to increase prices without telling consumers first


No knocking

Do Not Knock stickers have been upheld in federal court as equivalent to asking someone to leave your property.

21 Oct 2013 | A federal court has reaffirmed that door-to-door salespeople cannot ignore do-not-knock stickers.


ACCC warns power companies over ads

Misleading representations about discounts on energy plans must stop, says ACCC deputy chair Delia Rickard

27 Jun 2013 | CHOICE supports the ACCC's warning to energy retailers over discount promotions and calls for less confusion and more clarity about electricity prices.


Shopping around for a new energy deal

Find out how you can get a better deal and keep more money in your pocket rather than it going to your energy retailer's bottom line

20 May 2013 | Are you paying too much for your energy? If you haven't reviewed your energy plan recently, chances are you're paying too much.


Energy retailers' marketing tactics

Energy retailers are resorting to hard-sell tactics to increase market share.

23 Apr 2013 | Energy retailers are trotting out special deals to try to lock in your business.


Federal court targets dodgy door-knocking sales tactics

While the Do Not Knock legislation remains in limbo, there's better news on the legal front.

28 Sep 2012 | ACCC Chairman Rod Sims has hailed the Federal Court decision a three-way win for consumers.

Door knocking

ACCC targets energy door-knocking

ACCC takes action against shonky energy door-to-door practices.

17 Aug 2012 | The ACCC has launched a new initiative targeting door-to-door sales tactics.


Electricity switching sites under investigation

NSW Fair Trading to launch investigations following CHOICE’s super complaint on electricity switching sites.

29 Jun 2012 | NSW Fair trading believes further investigation is needed to establish whether switching sites are breaching the Australian Consumer Law.

Door knocking

Petition takes aim at door-to-door sales

Consumers are taking action against invasive door-knocking sales tactics.

25 Jun 2012 | We're supporting a petition by the Consumer Action Law Centre asking energy companies to cease their door-knocking practices.


Parliament considers do not knock register

A private members bill seeks to allow consumers to opt out of door-to-door sales.

23 May 2012 | Federal MP Steve Georganas has introduced a private members bill, calling for the creation of a do not knock register for consumers seeking to opt out.

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