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Online shopping checklist

Make sure you ask some important questions when buying online.

21 Nov 2012 | With some simple precautions, shopping online can be relatively trouble-free.


In-app purchases under the microscope

The NSW government takes Apple to task over sneaky in-app purchases.

21 Sep 2012 | The NSW Minister for Fair Trading says consumer regulators are looking at ways to put a stop to parental bill shock resulting from in-app purchases.


Retailers push for online GST

A government report shows how the GST could be expanded to online sales.

10 Sep 2012 | Australian retailers are renewing their push to apply GST to sales on foreign-owned websites.


CHOICE targets online geoblocking

We've told the Attorney General’s department to protect consumers who bypass online geoblocks.

29 Aug 2012 | Geoblocks prevent consumers from getting a better deal, and help companies discriminate on price.


Industry defends IT price differences

Technology industry has predictable reaction to IT pricing inquiry.

30 Jul 2012 | Industry groups claim that the costs of doing business in Australia are driving up the prices of IT hardware and software products.


The digital price divide

CHOICE research has found that Australians are paying 50% more for IT products.

18 Jul 2012 | New CHOICE research shows that Australians are paying 50% more for computers, software, games and music.


Apple fined for misleading consumers

Apple has copped a $2.25 million fine for misleading consumers about its iPad's 4G capabilities.

22 Jun 2012 | The Federal Court has found that the technology giant contravened the Australian Consumer Law by misleading consumers.


Parallel imports

Products shipped in from abroad without the permission of the local trademark or intellectual property owner.

19 Jun 2012 | How can some products look, taste and function the same, yet vary so markedly in price from their mainstream, retail counterparts?

Online Shopping

ACCC bares teeth as international fashion retailers raise prices for Australians

The ACCC has launched an investigation following allegations of anti-competitive behaviour

21 May 2012 | Accusations that local fashion retailers have breached competition laws by pressuring international retailers to raise their prices for Australian customers will be investigated by Australia’s competition regulator.


Optus announces appeal

Football codes and Telstra win appeal in TV recording court battle, Optus to appeal decision.

10 May 2012 | Optus announces its plan to appeal the Federal Court’s decision on the legality of its TV Now service.

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