Rental rights

When it comes to residential rental rights and protections, why is it that Australian tenants are far worse off than those in similar countries?

12 Jun 2014 | From no-grounds evictions to limited leases, we learn that long-term rental security is almost non-existent for Australian tenants.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is shrouded in secrecy

Don't trade it away!

The Trans-Pacific Partnership concerns all Australians, and we deserve to know what’s in it.

11 Feb 2014 | We need to open the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations up to greater public scrutiny. The government must release the text before a final agreement is reached.


Volkswagen recall

Kate Browne is one of many Volkswagen customers who has had a bad experience.

14 Jun 2013 | While all cars can have problems, Volkswagen's approach to customer service leaves a lot to be desired.


Faded receipts

Receipts printed on thermal paper have a tendency to fade, but we reveal whether they can still be used as proof of purchase and a tax record.

13 May 2013 | We look at your rights when it comes to receipts that have faded and what you can do to prevent them from fading.


Extended warranty

Read the terms and conditions before you commit

2 May 2013 | Matthew Steen inspects the terms and conditions of extended warranties - something he's never done before...


How to get a refund on SimCity

Still having trouble playing SimCity? Time to get a refund.

15 Apr 2013 | Madison Cartwright explains how you can get a refund on SimCity.


World Consumer Rights Day

CHOICE encourages you to know your consumer rights!

15 Mar 2013 | This guide outlines common traps to be wary of, as well as offering tips on smarter shopping.


Consumer rights across borders

7 Mar 2013 | Despite the diversity of global consumption, there are many consumer issues that transcend borders.

Pack Attack campaign

Pack Attack!

Join our campaign against bad packaging.

19 Feb 2013 | Frustrating, impenetrable and sometimes downright dangerous - we want to put an end to bad product packaging.


Group buying code improved

ADMA has announced that revisions to the Group Buying Code will deal with teething issues in the industry.

15 Feb 2013 | With the introduction of spot checks, more transparent terms and conditions, and a revised complaints handling process, signatories to the industry's code should provide better service for consumers.

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