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Consumer Research at CHOICE

CHOICE is interested in your opinions and experiences about a wide range of topics, which is why we often capture these opinions in the form of research.

If you have a question about our research, you can email us.

CHOICE uses the following survey programs:

Current Research at CHOICE

We understand that you may be concerned about whether surveys are from CHOICE or not. As a result, we have listed below any current research projects that we have running.

Exploring the Needs of Our Younger Customers

CHOICE is seeking to better understand the needs of its younger customers. We are currently undertaking a research project that will help us adapt what we do and create new initiatives that will better meet the needs of young Australians.

CHOICE has appointed a specialist organisation, Cultureplay, to conduct the research, while Replenish will help us to recruit participants.

If you are a customer contacted by Replenish, we really hope you can be part of this process. Understanding your experiences and priorities will help us support consumers into the future.

If you have any questions about this research project, please email

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