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  • Updated:29 May 2013

01 .Week ten


On the last week of The Checkout for this year, the gang shines a spotlight on IT price discrimination, a topic close to CHOICE’s heart. If you’re sick of paying 70% more for your iTunes, then tune in for some tips on how to avoid the Aussie tax. And head to CHOICE to find out how to circumvent geoblocking and get access to lots of other things at international prices. Not that we would ever suggest you do that.

CHOICE’s own guilty mum Kate Browne discovers that a smart baby is not just a toy, dvd or tablet away when she looks at the marketing behind some of the products that claim to make your child more intelligent.

And The Checkout’s hirsutely-challenged Julian Morrow looks at the tactics of Advanced Hair Studio - $4000 doesn’t seem like too much of an investment if you’re going to be regrowing your own hair, but it’s a fair chunk of change for a wig!

That's it for this year, but we'll be back soon!


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