Scott O'Keefe

Scott's our home entertainment guru and knows everything you'd care to learn about televisions.
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  • Updated:8 Mar 2013

01.Scott O'Keefe's bio


Name: Scott O'Keefe

Job title: Test Coordinator, Digital Home

Experience/expertise: Testing of home entertainment products (with a particular focus on televisions)

Tell us about your role at CHOICE: I spend most of my time developing methods to test, and testing, home entertainment products, but also get involved in other areas such as cordless and mobile phones, air conditioners, and some Choice Computer tests.

The hardest product I've had to test at CHOICE? I got involved in one of our tyre tests, and ended up sore and sorry that I did. Repeatedly swapping wheels and tyres on a large car like a Falcon or Commodore can get very tiring very quickly ! As can running up and down a race-track re-positioning “witches’ hats”. I now have a great deal of respect for anyone that gets roped in to do tyre testing. Of course, if I was offered the job of DRIVING the test vehicle, that would be an entirely different proposition …



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