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  • Updated:8 Mar 2013

01.CHOICE Shopping Guide

choice-guideThe CHOICE Summer Shopping Guide provides you with all the information you need when it comes to exercising your consumer rights.

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Whether you plan on shopping up a storm in-store or online, make sure you read this handy guide before you pay for warranties you don’t need or fall into one of the many online shopping traps. There are plenty of handy tips wrapped into one useful guide. 

This guide covers topics such as:

  • Refunds & your rights Don’t take no for an answer.
  • Warranties & your rights Should you buy that extended warranty?
  • Online shopping Browse, choose, click – done! But there are some traps to beware
  • Digital downloads Work around the pricey roadblocks that online international traders set up for Aussie shoppers
  • Interest-free deals Buy now, pay later – in spades. So what are your alternatives?
  • Gift cards The gift that can keep on taking
  • Managing your debt Get the debt monkey off your back once and for all


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