Knowing me, knowing you

19 Jan 10 12:57PM EST
Post by Nick Stace
Welcome to 2010 and a red letter year for CHOICE, as we mark our 50th anniversary. It’s a significant milestone and provides a moment to reflect on past achievements. I stress that this is a moment of reflection and not a time for complacency, for the challenges that consumers face are as complex and concerning now as they were 50 years ago. One thing you can be sure of though is that CHOICE will be unrelenting in its focus on the future and how we can genuinely unlock the power of consumers. I look forward to keeping you up to speed with our 50th anniversary plans during the year.

Knowing your customers and delivering upon their needs is the precursor to success, whether on the high street or for a member based social enterprise such as CHOICE. That’s why I am doing everything in my power to open up CHOICE to all our members, so that we can be a truly member-driven organisation. Recently, a group of members did a tour around our labs in Sydney and I’d encourage you to do the same by calling 1800 266 786 to book your place. I speak to our members every day on the phone on issues they wish to discuss; please feel free to call me on the number above. And our experts regularly blog and respond to members’ needs and questions.

This year I want us to go further by visiting you in your homes, your shops, or at your community meetings across the country and I will set aside time to do this. I want to do it because our mission for Australians to be the most savvy and active consumers in the world can only be achieved if we deliver on what you want as our members – and to do this we need to make sure we are always in touch with what you think. I would prefer to be invited to your meetings than expect people to turn up at a meeting I have organised. This is the first time I’ve done something like this so I will keep you informed about the response.

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