Heart Foundation ticked off at Coles logo

12 Sep 10 05:09PM EST
Post by Clare Hughes

Earlier this week we heard that the Heart Foundation was unhappy with Coles using a red tick in the logo of their generic Smart Buy range, arguing that it could give shoppers the impression that Coles Smart Buy products met some kind of nutrition or health criteria which made them healthier choices. 

In a recent CHOICE article we listed ticks as one of 12 food labelling tricks that manufacturers use to convince you that their products are just what you're looking for. 

We've found all sorts of claims made with a big tick: Gluten free, tick! Fruit yoghurt tubes, tick! No spoon needed, tick! Soft and juicy, tick! School canteen approved, tick! No artificial colours, tick! 99% fat free, tick! And on it goes.

We don't like it when manufacturers use ticks to make products look healthier than they really are. And we certainly don't want shoppers to mistakenly believe that the Smart Buy tick means a healthy choice. 

But the big red tick is the logo of the Coles Smart Buy range and is on everything from meat pies and peanut butter to not-so-tasty kitty litter, nappies and cling film; so it's not just on foods and drinks. And the basic black on white labelling gives the Coles Smart Buy range the look of a budget brand.

Like Tick fans, loyal CHOICE supporters are quick to let us know when they think a new product or brand using the word 'choice' is cashing in on CHOICE's trusted reputation. 

We don't endorse 'Choice' cigarettes - which ironically also has a tick logo - but unfortunately we don't have exclusive rights to the use of the word 'Choice'. Will the Heart Foundation convince Coles to drop the tick logo? It's unlikely, but we'll have to wait and see.

Have you been misled by the Coles Smart Buy tick? Do you think Coles should drop its tick logo?


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