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25 Sep 09 03:58PM EST
Post by Chris Ruggles  Chris Ruggles Google Plus
It's been a long time since I listened to the radio on my regular trips from Sydney to Newcastle. CDs were a godsend and now I follow the trend and carry an iPod with hundreds of hours of music and podcasts. In the car I've a little transmitter that wirelessly connects the iPod to my FM radio. Sure, the sound isn't terrific, but I grew up listening to trannies in the sixties, so I have a fair tolerance for convenience over quality – in some circumstances.

Maybe that's why I'm surprised at just how intolerant I am when techy things go wrong, or are compromised by circumstances out of my control. My iPod FM transmitter just can't cope in a couple of places along the trip because there's just too much background radio noise and it really ticks me off. A totally irrational and unreasonable reaction, when compared with those appalling sounding early transistor radios. This made all the sillier because my long suffering wife will often just turn the thing off as we head into these areas, to stop me banging on about the failures of what are really miraculous devices. She prefers a few moments of stony silence.

I was resigned to this interruption in our travels until I had a conversation (read minor rant) with a colleague and she suggested I take the aerial off the car to limit the interference.

Sometimes, you need someone to point out the obvious. I'll be aerial free and have continuous music on my next trip.

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