The unexpected should make you stronger

28 Oct 09 07:54AM EST
Post by Nick Stace
Credit cards

Tough times hit people all the time. It’s why this year we didn’t put up our prices because we know people have been feeling the pinch; it’s also why CHOICE investigates solutions to the most challenging aspects of consumer life, so that we can take the hassle out of your everyday. But it’s the unexpected that can really knock you sideways and which force you to reflect on what you’re doing and whether you can do things better.

All enterprises, social or otherwise have moments when the unexpected turns up (or black swans as the latest Harvard Business Review describes it). We’ve just had ours. Perhaps the only unsurprising thing about our black swan is that it was delivered by the banks! They’ve changed the way they process credit card payments without telling us and are no longer willing to match newly issued cards with old payment details. I know many members have found this a real nuisance and for CHOICE and other not-for-profits it’s one small change with significant revenue implications.

While it’s an issue we could have done without, the unexpected provides a moment of reflection. We need to become a more robust organisation, relentlessly focused on improving the service we provide our members and extending our reach beyond our traditional products and services.

At CHOICE we run a successful social enterprise, we generate revenue through our services and we exist not to make any shareholders richer but to unlock the power of consumers and provide benefits for all of society.

To live our purpose requires us to be fit and flexible, focused on our members and making sure every person at CHOICE is delivering towards our vision of Australians being the most active and savvy consumers in the world.


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