Tough decisions are tough on everyone

06 Nov 09 09:54AM EST
Post by Nick Stace
Emotional commitment to a cause and to the people affected by any tough decisions is in my DNA and one that I think has to sit well with a modern CEO. It’s also why this week has been the hardest I’ve had since starting at CHOICE and perhaps the most difficult of my professional career.

In my last blog I talked about the credit card renewal issue and the impact that one small change by the banks is having on the not-for-profit sector. I also talked about the burning platform for change and improvement that such an issue provides. But that refocus comes at a very real cost and yesterday I had to make 13 people redundant. I was involved in every discussion with each member of staff and I am very sorry that we have had to make a decision that affects their jobs and their livelihoods.

There’s no good way to break such bad news but we have tried to make the very best of a bad job. For those that are leaving we will provide the support we can, including out placements – we owe them a great debt of gratitude for their professionalism, dedication and great service to CHOICE. For the vast majority who are staying, we have a great task ahead of us to improve our products and services, to bring new services to members and to be fit and strong for the consumers we seek to represent.

Tough decisions like the ones I faced today are for a purpose, that CHOICE may be more robust, relentlessly focused on improving the service we provide our members, fitter and leaner in order to rise to that challenge. Every cent that we make is for a social end of unlocking the power of consumers, and our focus has never been clearer, that we want Australians to be the most savvy and active consumers in the world.

Today has been about securing a strong future for CHOICE. But nothing takes away the pain.

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