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There are many reasons why CHOICE is synonymous with unbiased testing of consumer products.

  • Completely independent tests.
  • Wide range of products and services tested.
  • All tested items paid for by CHOICE.
  • Range of metrics provided.
  • Undertaken by trained and experienced scientists.
  • Dedicated team of 13 testers.

CHOICE has built its reputation on the strength of the rigorous and scientific testing of consumer goods and services. This testing process is central to the trust consumers place in CHOICE as an organisation and is taken with the utmost seriousness.

To ensure its continued independence and the impartiality of the testing process, CHOICE pays for all products and services that it tests. Theses tests rate the various products and services against a comprehensive range of metrics ranging from price through to durability and endurance. The results give consumers transparency when making their purchasing decision.

CHOICE tests more than just large household items. Our testing team tackles food products, medicines, financial services, sporting goods, holidays and much more. Visit some of our products and services test pages

to see the extensive range of tests CHOICE undertakes every year.

Lab tours

Have a look behind the scenes at CHOICE with a visit to our labs. Meet the testers and have morning tea with the CEO.

For more information, see our Lab tours page.

Meet a tester

Scott O'Keefe

Home Digital Products Test Coordinator Scott O’Keefe has been working at CHOICE for over five years but has been part of the CHOICE community as a subscriber since 1980.  After 22 years in the IT sector, Scott was attracted to CHOICE for the opportunity to stop Australian consumers getting ripped off.

Scott is especially proud to have contributed to the development of the Australian Standard for energy consumption measurement for televisions as the CHOICE representative on the Australian Standards committee. He also takes great pleasure in disproving the ridiculous claims made by manufacturers. This passion has seen him spend time out on the Hay Plains of NSW testing mobile phones, in the National Acoustic Labs testing audio equipment and countless hours enveloped in the darkness of CHOICE’s television testing chamber.

Scott puts himself in consumers’ shoes daily and brings a keen sense of inquisitiveness, attention to detail and a healthy dose of skepticism as he breaks down what consumers want, need and should know about the products they buy. 

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