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CHOICE delivers expert, unbiased consumer information you can trust. As a completely self-funded and 100% independent body, CHOICE has for over 50 years relied on member support to continue to act in a truly credible manner. 

Our research and testing is conducted on site in state-of-the-art laboratories using rigorous scientific test methods. From phones to fridges, and prams to GPS, products are put through their paces to ensure you get the best deal.

At the same time, CHOICE campaigns for your rights - we’ve been your voice for over 50 years. Whether it's campaigning for better banking, simpler shopping, fairer food labelling or highlighting the truth behind product claims at our Shonky Awards, we protect the best interests of all Australians. 

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Benefits of CHOICE membership

  • Access to hundreds of product reports and tests, conducted onsite in state-of-the-art laboratories, saving you time and money

  • Expert, unbiased advice on technology, household goods, finance, baby products, food, health and more!

  • Complimentary Lab Tours, including morning tea with CHOICE CEO Alan Kirkland, and a guided tour through the 11 CHOICE labs to meet some of our testers

  • CHOICE Shopper service, choose your product and we’ll find and negotiate the best price for you

  • Best Buy and Green Buy recommendations and 'Price & Buy' online pricing comparison tool

  • Consumer Campaigns to protect your interests, initiate change and give consumers a voice

  • Newsletters and email alerts announcing newly released product tests, reports and first looks

  • Have your say in CHOICE Surveys on product reliability and other consumer-related research projects

  • Create an online voice, leave feedback and rate articles for all CHOICE subscribers

  • Special offers for new CHOICE services and products

  • CHOICE Supporter Promotions get involved and win some great prizes

  • New initiative invitations, such as Home Tester Programs

  • Campaign Supporters, get directly involved in consumer action campaigns that matter to you


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Who is CHOICE?

17 Nov 2014 | As a completely self-funded body, CHOICE prides itself on delivering expert, unbiased information you can trust.

How we are run

17 Nov 2014 | Independent and fully accountable, CHOICE is run to serve its members and consumers as a whole.

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