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02.CHOICE CEO Message - July


If you’ve visited the CHOICE website in the past month or two, you might have noticed an invitation to take a sneak peek at We have spent many months working on this, based on member feedback and research about what consumers want when looking for information online. As a result it is very different to our current website – so brace yourself!

For now, all you’ll see is a beta, or test, version of the new Home and Living section, which includes information on products you use around the home such as kitchen appliances, washing machines and cleaning products. There are also a great many new articles designed to help you through the process of deciding what you might need to buy – and many of these are available to you without having to log in.

We’re keen to hear your feedback – positive and negative – so that we know what to work on further before we relaunch the full website in a few months’ time. There is an invitation to let us know what you think on every page.

While the new website has been keeping us busy, we’ve also been beavering away at the work for which you know us. Health is a bit of a recurring theme this month, starting with our comprehensive review of budget, mid-range and extras health insurance policies. Whether the new financial year has prompted you to review your cover, or you’re thinking about taking out insurance for the first time, our guide will help you to make the choice that is right for you. We explain whether you should even bother with health insurance at all, and the difference between hospital and extras cover. We also recommend the best budget policies if hospital cover is all you’re after.

Also coming soon to CHOICE Online: Zoya Sheftalovich looks at the foods and medications that don’t mix. Did you know that eating bananas can give you heart palpitations if you’re on blood pressure medication? Or that a large serving of black liquorice may cause a heart attack if you’re on certain heart medications? If you or your family take medication for any serious conditions, this article is definitely worth reading.

On a lighter note, we'll also examine the health claims that go with food - Karina Bray looks at the latest trend of fermented food to see whether its health benefits live up to the hype, and Rachel Clemons focuses on chia, which is popping up in more and more everyday products, to find out whether it’s a superfood or superfad.

Happy reading!

Alan Kirkland, CEO
Twitter: @AlanKirkland


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