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Flight comparison websites

Don't assume you'll always find the cheapest flights on the most well-known sites.

9 Aug 2011 | We surfed more than a dozen Australian flight comparison websites and found savings of up to $369 for flights leaving to and from the same destination on the same dates.


Double stroller reviews  

We test 55 double strollers and toddler platforms in the CHOICE labs, including models from Baby Jogger, Steelcraft, Phil & Teds and more.

27 Nov 2014 | When you have twins, or two youngsters close in age, a two-seat stroller could be just what you need.

Cot reviews

Safety is key when a newborn comes into the picture. We have test results for 116 cots to tell you which are the safest.

11 Aug 2014 | The mandatory Australian standard aims to benchmark all cots to a safe level, but some failures still slip through the cracks.

Pram and stroller reviews  

We've tested 158 prams and strollers in the CHOICE labs including models from Maclaren, Steelcraft, Valco and more.

8 Jul 2014 | A pram or stroller is one of the most important baby-related purchases you’ll make. Find out which ones meet our safety standards to keep your child safe.

Booster seat reviews

Many children have restraints that are too big for them and graduate to adult seatbelts too early.

12 Sep 2012 | We review 12 new booster seats suitable for children aged from about four to eight years, looking at ease of use and ease of fitting.

Convertible car seat reviews

Installing a child restraint correctly is the best way to prevent injuries to your child in a crash

2 Feb 2012 | We review 10 children's convertible car seats, suitable from birth to four years of age and priced from $149 to $659.


Soundbar reviews

We tested 17 soundbars that help improve your TV's sound.

28 Oct 2014 | All the soundbars we tested deliver better sound than you'll get from your TV, but some demand a lot more money than others for the privilege.

Home theatre quick look

What are your surround sound options?

10 Sep 2013 | CHOICE provides a realistic look at home theatre in a box.

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