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Uncle Toby's

Breakfast cereal reviews  

Which cereals make the nutritional grade?

4 Oct 2012 | We look beyond the names and claims to uncover the breakfast cereals that provide the most nutritious start to your day.


Landline phone reviews

We test 16 landline phones, priced from $55 to $229.

24 Jul 2013 | We review a range of landline phones - including phones that communicate with your smartphone, and others that can work in a blackout.

Gadget gift guide for Christmas

Gadgets and gizmos always make great presents for the tech-savvy and tech-curious.

23 Nov 2011 | We round up the best technology buys, from tablets, to televisions, to MP3 players, to eBook readers.

Christmas gift guide

We've trawled our test results to bring you a range of great gift ideas.

16 Nov 2011 | From digital cameras to kitchen gadgets, our gift ideas cater to all budgets.

Unit pricing

Component pricing

New legislation means sellers must quote a single price for products.

22 Apr 2008 | It’s annoying to be quoted the price for something only to find there are extra taxes not included in the quote, or additional charges you hadn’t expected.

Is bigger cheaper

Unit pricing helps shoppers get value for money and make better choices.

23 Mar 2007 | Our comparison of the prices of various brands and sizes of everyday items in major supermarkets confirmed what most shoppers already know - it's hard to choose the best value.


Seagate Slim

We check out an external hard drive that's no thicker than a pen

23 Oct 2013 | Seagate has released a 500GB external hard drive that weighs just 150 grams. Is a smaller package worth the asking price?

Seagate Wireless Plus first look

We give this portable multimedia hub with Wi-Fi hotspot and 1TB storage the once-over.

26 Mar 2013 | The Seagate Wireless Plus lets you stream multimedia to your smartphone or tablet on the go. So what's our verdict?

Novelty phone handsets

We've checked out a number of novelty handsets for designed for use with a mobile phone. But how well do they work?

4 Mar 2013 | We put five retro handsets and one bluetooth glove designed for use with a mobile phone through their paces.

CeBIT 2012

We head to the world's largest digital and IT trade fair in Hannover.

12 Mar 2012 | We check out a couple of high-tech cars, another waterproof smartphone, and robots that perform some pretty unusual tasks.

Telstra USB 4G broadband modem

It's not the cheapest wireless broadband option, but its one of the fastest.

13 Oct 2011 | Telstra claims its new USB 4G modem is up to 10 times faster than other 3G wireless internet options.

USB flashdrive reviews  

Which flash drives will withstand the rigours of daily life?

13 Jan 2011 | We put these fickle devices through some punishing tests, as our video shows.

USB TV tuner reviews

With a USB digital high-definition TV tuner and a laptop you can take your HDTV on the road.

19 Nov 2010 | We test 12 go-anywhere digital TV tuners for your PC.

FireWire vs Hi-Speed USB

We explain the pros and cons.

8 Mar 2006 | Both technologies have their advantages and disadvantages, so the problem is deciding which is best for you.


Web TV series

Find the newest and most daring web-only TV shows

30 Aug 2013 | TV on the internet is gaining a new audience as viewers find new and unique shows for all types of interests.

TV on the net  

When it comes to watching popular TV shows via online streaming, we're missing out.

9 Jul 2013 | Australian viewers get a raw deal when it comes to streaming our favourite TV shows online. We pay more, yet content isn’t easily accessible or not available when we want.

Christmas gift guide

We've trawled our test results to bring you a range of great gift ideas.

16 Nov 2011 | From digital cameras to kitchen gadgets, our gift ideas cater to all budgets.

Used cars

Used car safety ratings

In the market for a used car? Here's how to choose a safe model.

30 Aug 2013 | If you're in the market for an older model used car you'll need to do your research and the 2013 Used Car Safety Ratings is a good place to start. This year 216 vehicle models have been rated.

How to buy a used car

Buying a secondhand car can be a minefield. Read our tips and learn how to avoid disaster.

3 Mar 2011 | "Buyer beware" never applies more than when shopping for a used car.

Car lemon laws

What are your rights if your car spends more time in the service centre than on the road?

16 May 2006 | When you buy a new car rather than a used one, you probably expect to buy the peace of mind of faultless performance for at least a few years.

Car depreciation

Buying a new car is a big purchase but a bad investment.

28 Apr 2006 | Depending on their size, cars depreciate on average by around 14% a year for the first three years. But there are ways you can limit the impact of car depreciation on your hip pocket.

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