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Airline travel money cards

Our latest analysis of fees, features and exchange rates.

12 Dec 2014 | There is no single best travel money card out there, but some will suit your travel plans better than others.

Qantas won’t pass on carbon tax repeal savings

Doubt raised over whether consumers will see Abbott’s promised $550 annual saving.

10 Jul 2014 | Airline Qantas joins growing list of companies saying the repeal of the carbon tax won’t reduce prices for consumers.

Qantas chief predicts cutbacks in discount airlines

Will average airfares rise as local market reaches capacity?

4 Jun 2014 | Qantas chief Alan Joyce predicts discount airfare cutbacks at International Air Transport Association annual meeting.

Cheap flights and variable pricing

Why are cheap flights and other airfares on airline websites so fleeting?

2 Jun 2014 | CHOICE investigates variable pricing and cheap flights on Qantas, Virgin and other airline and booking agent websites.

Qantas introduces weekend surcharge

A raft of new surcharges for Qantas' international flights at peak times, such as the weekend, are being introduced.

14 May 2014 | If you're flying overseas with Qantas on the weekend you'll have to pay for the privilege.

Qantas changes Frequent Flyer program

Frequent flyers with Qantas will no longer earn points on how far they fly but on how much they pay.

28 Mar 2014 | Customers choosing cheaper Qantas flights will earn less points under the announced changes.

Frequent Flyer failure

Unless you fly often, frequent flyer points won’t get you very far.

20 Mar 2014 | Scoring an airline ticket or an upgrade can be a tall order if you’re relying on Frequent Flyer rewards.

Excessive credit card surcharge update

CHOICE research reinforces the need for more to be done to lower excessive credit card surcharges.

31 Jan 2014 | The latest CHOICE research reveals that excessive credit card surcharging continues despite recent RBA changes designed to limit the practice.

Airline website booking traps  

We expose the website traps and surcharges that can blow out the cost of that bargain basement airfare.

25 Mar 2013 | Don't get stung with unexpected fees and charges when booking your next domestic flight.

Credit card surcharges

The end of excessive credit card surcharges is on the horizon.

7 Mar 2013 | As of 18 March, surcharges applied to credit cards will be capped at a reasonable cost for the retailer.

Qantas surcharge rip-off

CHOICE estimates Qantas collects at least $204 million in payment surcharges yearly.

18 May 2012 | We're concerned that the Qantas payment surcharge is being used to disguise the real cost of an airline ticket.

Airline Customer Advocate takes off

The new scheme is set to make complaint resolution fairer, but doesn't go far enough.

23 Apr 2012 | The Australian Airline Customer Advocate Scheme will launch later this year, but as an industry-funded body, it's no guarantee of complaint resolution.


Can you really choose your car repairer

We reveal questionable links between car insurers and smash repairers.

4 Mar 2014 | Car insurers' preferred smash repairers are producing poor quality repairs.


Parrot AR.Drone first look

We take a look at this battery-powered quad-copter controlled with a smartphone app.

11 Sep 2012 | This remote control flying device has an in-built high definition camera, and is controlled via an app on your smartphone or tablet.


Useful contacts

A list of who to contact for help with consumer problems

17 Jun 2014 | We have listed the contact details of lots of federal, state and territory agencies and support organisations who can help with your consumer problems

Flood insurance reforms

Government asks for input on flood definition in insurance policies.

5 Apr 2011 | Queenslanders who thought they were covered for floods are starting to find out they aren't.


Health insurance comparisons

We cut through health insurance jargon to help you decide what’s best for your budget.

30 Jun 2014 | We review 20 open funds in Australia, with recommendations to suit a variety of people in different life stages.

Guide to switching health insurers

Have you been slugged by the recent rise in premiums? It might be time to review your cover, switch and save.

27 Mar 2013 | As health insurance premiums go up, now’s a good time to check that the amount you’re paying is justified by what you’re getting in return.


High chair reviews  

We test more than 40 high chairs in the CHOICE labs, including models from Ikea, Stokke, Peg Perego and more.

11 Nov 2014 | Once babies develop their neck strength, they're ready to sit in a high chair. Our testing reveals which models are safest for your child.

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